Who is the Painter and who is the Poet?

Anna Lee and Paulee Cee, of Painter & Poet, know struggle and perseverance well. In 2017, their music career started out in Savannah, GA, with an unexpected diagnosis of an autoimmune disease that riddled Anna Lee’s body with fatigue and pain to the point that she almost gave up on the music. They decided to move to the family farm in south Texas for fresh air and answers, and were met with a miraculous healing and inspiration to get them going again. With new energy, they packed their bags and headed across America to Seattle, but instead of being met with welcomed arms, they entered into more trials to the point they were forced to crawl back to Texas in 2018. They had no money, no connections, and no home except the spare bedroom of their family’s house in Dallas. So, they set up their studio and got back to work as they labored day after day for a year on new music while leaning on the generosity of others to keep them going. Through dedication and relentless passion, their creativity flourished and their musical bond strengthened. Soul filled grit flows in their songs as they share their relatable life stories and timeless principles they have learned along they way. Listen and be inspired.

The love they share is so pure and it radiates upon everyone around them and in their music.
— Local Fan